Frequently Asked Questions

     What is "Subscription" Based license?
On subscription basis license systems, you pay a small fee/amount every month, instead of paying one time high amount for the service.
You can cancel the subscription any time you like.
     Do I Need To Purchase Subscription Plan For Each Software I Like To Use?
Nope, This is the most beneficial part for you. Just by paying a very little amount each month you can use any/all of our software.
     What If I Like To Update To New Version?
In subscription basis license, you can update to latest version any time.
     Am I Eligible For New Software?
Yes, Currently we have 20+ software. It will increase day by day.
And you will be able to use all of them as long as you have active subscription plan.
     On How Many Computer I Can Use The Software?
It depends on which plan you are using:
Basic: You can use all our software only on 1 computer.
Pro: You can use all our software up to 5 computer.
Premium: You can use all up to 10 computer.

Note: Please don't worry, if any of your used computer get damaged/replaced, you can also transfer your license from that computer to new computer. License transfer is also limited by subscription plan you use.
     How Do I Renew?
Our subscription plan is monthly basis. And it does support auto renew.
So, if you enable auto renew while you subscribe for your plan. Then you don't have to worry about it as it will auto renew every 30 days.
But if you disable the auto renew while made the payment, then you have to renew manually from your account panel on our website.