Frequently Asked Questions

     What is "Subscription" Based license?
On subscription basis license systems, you pay a small fee/amount every month, instead of paying one time high amount for the service.
You can cancel the subscription any time you like.
     Do I Need To Purchase Subscription Plan For Each Software I Like To Use?
Nope, This is the most beneficial part for you. Just by paying a very little amount each month you can use any/all of our software.
     What If I Like To Update To New Version?
In subscription basis license, you can update to latest version any time.
     Am I Eligible For New Software?
Yes, Currently we have 20+ software. It will increase day by day.
And you will be able to use all of them as long as you have active subscription plan.
     On How Many Computer I Can Use The Software?
It depends on which plan you are using:
Basic: You can use all our software only on 1 computer.
Pro: You can use all our software up to 5 computer.
Premium: You can use all up to 10 computer.

Note: Please don't worry, if any of your used computer get damaged/replaced, you can also transfer your license from that computer to new computer. License transfer is also limited by subscription plan you use.
     How Do I Renew?
Our subscription plan is monthly basis. So, every month end (30th/31st) it will expire. And You need to Renew it.