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S-Ultra PDF Bulk Form Filler (Commented 5 times)
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S-Ultra PDF Bulk Form Filler. With S-Ultra PDF Bulk Form Filler you can fill up a bulk of forms with speed and efficiency. You just need two files, the PDF form and an XLS/CSV file. It will fill up the forms and save it to your individual files in a matter of seconds!. Features: Fill up PDF forms in Bulk, Supports both types of PDF form ACRO (Standard/Common Format) and XFA (Dynamic XML Form), List all available fields in the software list box, Supports all common fields that need to be automated, be it Text field, Checkbox field, Radio/Option Button field, Dropdown box field or List box field etc, Supports XLS and CSV as data source files, Allows linking any column to any PDF field, Auto linking of similar fields by column header, Set up Export/Import linking for future to save time, Remove linking from any column linked by mistake, Retrieve possible/acceptable list of values for Checkbox, Radio Button, Combo box, List box, etc, Print field name on each field to help you understand the appropriate fields (only For Text Fields), Allows you to name the output file however you like, Allows you to fill all the entries (total entries from the CSV file) or custom range, and much more..... Lovely interface with great performance! ellerspeter
Every single time I have contacted or emailed customer service. I have got a fast response. I will renew to new versions too because it really works. mickey
Program does all that is claimed and more.Customer service is one of the best I have encountered. lap
I am in IT and have found this to be the BEST program. It updates regularly, has outstanding support team if you have a question, easy to use, and super fast.THE BEST! VirtualT
Excellent Software,Easy To Use. Performs Better Than Expected. Makes Filling PDF Forms From Excel As Easy As Filling a MS Word Document with Mail Merge. Very Economical Solution for Bulk Fill (Field Population) Of PDF Forms.Quick Responding Customer Service. 1Combiner
S-Ultra Bulk EMailer (Commented 4 times)
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S-Ultra Bulk EMailer. S-Ultra Bulk Emailer is the Email Messenger service you've been waiting for. With a vast capacity, it can be used as your default messenger software. With it you can even send out mass mails for marketing purposes.. Features: Send out bulk emails, Supports multiple senders, Supports MX-Lookup, so you may send out emails without any sender account, Supports SSL and non SSL SMTP servers, You can set the maximum limit on emails sent from each sender, Supports multiple recipients, Supports private and public proxy (HTTP), You can set the maximum limit on emails sent from each proxy address, Supports multiple attachments, Supports both plain text and HTML emails, For HTML emails, it supports eml, mht and html formats, Supports alternative plain text, in case the recipient email server doesn't support html emails., Profile feature available to help you save multiple settings (sender, recipient, attachment) for your individual needs, Pause feature available to help you set the time to pause before sending each email, Supports multithreading, and much more... Cool UI. 100% Safe. Good for nwebie and expert. Andreaw
Been using it from it launched. The only program I've never met a better replacement. Good job. You guys rock! skyjerk
Starts quick and has a simple, straight-forward GUI for both novice and experts. Full feature controls. fscherr
One of the very few programs that does everything it says. NO VIRUSES OR SPYWARE1 Truly Fastest, most reliable software I have tried. Cdchurch
S-Ultra Password Manager (Commented 3 times)
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S-Ultra Password Manager. Security must always be a priority and as such, S-Ultra Password Manager helps keep all your personal account information safe and secure. Nobody but you can access your personal information.. Features: The Software is password protected, Can handle an unlimited number of accounts/files, Run a thorough search within any possible area (url, user name, notes, etc), Maintain categories for different types of sites/files, File notes to save information you want to keep, Colored notifications to inform you of the last update time., Can search for accounts that have not been updated in the last (x) days, Can search for accounts that have not been used in the last (x) days, Can run analytics on which website has been used how many times, Option to show/hide password and/or sensitive information, and much more.... Fast, Easy, Light. jarhead
I use this program for months and am completely satisfied with it's performance. yoramtab
Clean design.Fast and safe. My favorite. Much better than any similar. mapledress
S-Ultra Audio Mixer (Commented 3 times)
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S-Ultra Audio Mixer. With S-Ultra Audio Mixer you can easily merge your voice and music. It can support a variety of Audio files, and has the ability to transform your Text to Speech.. Features: Embed voice onto music files, Set the volume for output music and voice, Add multiple voices to a single music file, Supports common audio file formats such as mp3, wav, wma, m4a, and aac, Add voices at specific time intervals, Can generate spoken voice from text using a Text to Speech Engine, Auto-repeat or trim music files to match the output duration, and much more.... This software is my favorite. Easy to use, works well on my pc. jolinwebb
Perfect for what it does (and that's much more than I use it for). Kees_B
It works fine and there are no errors. I prefer this than any similar software. Krunchymeal
S-Ultra Auto Email Reply (Commented 1 times)
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S-Ultra Auto Email Reply. With S-Ultra Auto Email Reply you can effectively send out default responses to unread mails that fit the established criteria. It can even delete unread messages, as specified.. Features: Monitors multiple email accounts, Supports any email account that has IMAP and SMTP features enabled, Supports multiple filters, Reply or Delete unread emails based on the defined criteria, Filter supports: From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body and Attachment conditions., Supports both plain text emails and HTML emails as the response email, Time function available to check every (x) minutes, and much more... Excellent software. Very intuitive and easy to use. atunis
S-Ultra PDF Extractor (Commented 1 times)
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S-Ultra PDF Extractor. Do you have trouble extracting valuable information from your PDF files? Well, not anymore! With S-Ultra PDF Extractor you can pretty much extract anything from the PDF you like, it's the only PDF utility you'll ever need!. Features: Extract individual pages to individual or combined files, Extract text from pages to individual or combined files, Exclude non-readable characters from an extracted text, Save a page as an image file with the right image resolution, quality and compression settings. Supported output file formats include bmp, jpg, gif, png and tiff, Extract images from PDF files, Extract attached files (attachments), Create CSV reports for extracted files, Password integration for password-protected files, And much more..... Works great and flawlessly. Performance is great. nevin_lovell
S-Ultra Image To Video Converter (Commented 1 times)
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S-Ultra Image To Video Converter. S-Ultra Image To Video Converter is a multimedia software with which you can develop a motion picture with a string of picture frames. It supports all the most popular formats and comes equipped with all the necessary special effects and features.. Features: Create a slideshow from still images, Supports common image formats such as jpg, gif, and bmp, Can modify each image duration separately or all together, Availability of 500+ transition effects, Ability to add text/caption on each image with three kinds of styles, Supports the feature to embed Watermarks onto images you like, Supports mp3, m4a, aac, wav, and wma as background music file formats, Create videos in bulk by shuffling images and music, Availability of a re-sample function to resize the image with a better quality, Preview each option (effects, text, watermark, etc) before applying it to images, Ability to export HD videos (1920x1080), Supports multithreading, and much more..... Not a lot to say, it does what it says and I've had no problems at all! ranardo
S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer (Commented 1 times)
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S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer. S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer lets you queue up images with which to play slide shows. You can even choose amongst a variety of special effects or add some background music to the show to make it more engaging.. Features: Play slide shows with multiple images, Set image durations either individually or all together, Set image captions either individually or all together, with a selection of styles and colors., Supports common music files for background music. Supported formats include mp3, wma, and wav, Availability of 300+ eye catching standard effects, Availability of 42 Flash effects, Availability of 38 3D effects, For background you can choose single colors, gradient colors or custom images, and much more.... Fast, efficient, easy user interface. Doesn't crash, has plenty of features. Overall best software. Brooker