25 SEP, 2018
V2.60 Released
  • Interface Updated: Minor Graphical User Interface Updated.

03 OCT, 2017
V2.60 Released
  • Feature Updated: Auto Detect CSV Separator; Now Can Handle Both Comma And Semicolon!

02 OCT, 2017
V2.50 Released
  • New Feature: Add Option To Retain The Fields In Exported PDF File
    (Special Thanks to ERIC MERCIER)
  • Feature Updated: Get PDF Fields Map Now Export More Informative Files.

22 OCT, 2016
V2.35 Released
  • Feature Updated: Core Files Updated To Latest Version

14 OCT, 2016
V2.25 Released
  • Feature Updated: Get Fields Map Function Works For All Fields Type And Also Export CSV File

04 OCT, 2016
V2.05 Released
  • Bug Fixed: Minor Issue With Activation System Fixed!
    (Special Thanks to Carl Riedel)

12 OCT, 2015
V2.00 Released
  • New Feature: Multithreading Support Added
  • New Feature: Performance Tuned Up
  • New Feature: New Payment System Added (Coin Payments, Click Bank)
  • New Feature: New License Type Added (Subscription Basis)
  • Bug Fixed: Minor Issues Fixed!

01 JAN, 2014
V1.25 Released
  • New Feature: Function to auto link similar fields (Matching column and field Name)
    (Special Thanks to Rachel Tay)
  • New Feature: Export fields linkings to import later and save times
    (Special Thanks to Rachel Tay)
  • New Feature: Added New Payment Method
  • New Feature: Performance Updated

14 APR, 2013
V1.00 (First Version) Released