TOS (Terms of Service/Privacy Policy)

Operating Systems:
Currently our softwares are designed exclusively for windows operating system (OS). They will not function in Mac, Linux etc.
Software Type :
Our professional softwares will initially be made available as demos. You may avail of the functions as much as you like, however certain restrictions will be imposed on your usage, such as watermarks embedded onto the Output file, blocked features and advertisements, amongst others. In order to get rid of these and access the software in its complete form, please purchase a subscription plan.
Our free softwares come with complete functionality, no holds barred usage, and are completely free to use. All we ask in return is that you kindly like our Facebook Page and Twitter feeds, and share us on Google+. If you'd like to make a donation out to us, we'd be very grateful and thank you in advance for your generosity.
Payment Systems:
We support all the popularly used Payment systems and gateways. You can pay directly through your credit/ debit cards or you could make use of PayPal. You may use whichever means most suits your needs.
Registration System:
For license type and license information please check the link given below Frequently Asked Questions
Refund Policy:
We also provide full refund. So if our software doesn't function the way it should, you can request a full refund within 14 days/ 2 weeks from the date of purchase and you'll get your money back as soon as possible.
Charge Back Policy:
This is an extremely strict policy of ours, we do not consider any form of chargeback! If you do so, then your payment system, email address, PC and even your IP address will be promptly blocked from our system.

All of our Professional Version Softwares periodically check your registration info with our server. If it is found that your id is blocked, then it will no longer function.

Hence, please do not charge back under any circumstances. If you find your software to be faulty you may request a full refund within 2 weeks from the date of purchase, and it will be credited to you as soon as possible.